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Office Cleaning The Right Way!

Cleaning Services of Phoenix is a privately-owned company. Our management team takes a hands-on approach to cleaning, customer service, quality control, and maintaining low costs. As office cleaning experts, we are passionate and dedicated about providing you with office cleaning your way, and hassle free. This means, you won’t have to clean up after our team, you won’t have to call with problems the next day, and you won’t spend time, money, and resources monitoring the cleaning service. Call 602-622-9433 to request a quote!

100% Satisfaction

We strive to always provide exceptional customer service and providing 100% satisfaction.

24hr Quote Requests

Request a quote now and we will contact you within the same day to establish a cleaning schedule and pricing. We might take our time while cleaning your office to get the best clean possible but when it comes to communication we are fast and never leave you waiting!

Convenient Scheduling

Would you rather us come in before work, after work, or during the weekend? No matter the cleaning you need and no matter the time of day you need it done, we can accommodate to your schedule. Our sole mission is to make your life easier!